Why McGraw’s Direct 2U Carpet?

Because……….We REALLY wholesale carpet to the public!


How can we do that?

  • We do not pay rent [We own the building]
  • We do not have employees [Mom & Pop are enough]
  • We do not have inventory [money laying around on the floor]
  • We do not have a warehouse [costly overhead]
  • We do not advertise [aside from the website] 

How does it work?

  • You pick out the carpet at our showroom [or any showroom]*
  • We find the right carpet pad for you
  • We give you a list of proven Installers (unless you have your own). You can call one or more to give you a bid for installation and they will be able to tell you how much carpet and pad you need.
  • We give the pick-up information to the Installer of your choice
  • When the carpet arrives, your Installer picks up the carpet and pad

*Note: If you find a carpet you like at a big box store or large co-op store like Carpet One, etc., because of private labeling you usually will not be able to find out what to ask for from the label. If that’s the case, bring a sample in and we’ll figure it out.

The REAL truth about those great sales and deals at the big box stores and large franchise stores:

Buying carpet can be very confusing. Besides the private labeling and bait-and-switch techniques, there’s the free pad, free installation gimmicks. These stores also like to sell cheap yarn like olefins or polyester that have been proven not to perform for decades. And, they end up selling them at prices that rival good quality continuous filament nylons.

We all know nothing is free………The free labor will be accompanied by outrageous pricing for installation materials and overpriced pad and carpet. The free pad will be paid for by overpriced carpet and installation.

These stores all have huge overhead, which you end up paying for.

At the end of the day, you end up paying more and getting less.

To Sum it Up……….

After 40 years of customer satisfaction, we are confident that we can be of great service when it comes to fulfilling your carpet needs … And we know we can do that at a great savings to you, our valued customer, by offering wholesale pricing on the carpet, giving the ability to choose your own Installer. This provides a unique opportunity to ask specific questions regarding your installation.

We can help you find the right carpet and pad. (We specialize in wool & high-end nylon).
Assist you in choosing an Installer. (Which also saves you money)
Co-ordinate product pick-up. (With your Installer of choice)
Stand behind the manufacturer’s warranties.
……….. and answer ALL your questions.