Why Choose Wool?


Wool is Affordable.

An investment in wool is one that will give you a long-lastingbeautiful floor. Some of today’s wool flooring options are even comparable in price to higher-end synthetic products.

Wool—–like hardwood—– increases the value of your home.

IMG_3932Wool Works with the Room

While wool does provide insulating properties in cold climates, it is also great at controlling humidity. Wool can remove up to one-third of its weight in moisture without feeling damp or wet. Lower humidity actually makes your home feel cooler.

Wool is Easy to Care ForIMG_3935

Wool naturally repels spills and soil. Its fibers have scales that capture liquids and dirt, preventing it from penetrating farther into the carpet. Liquids are easily blotted up and soil is easily removed when vacuumed.